Plant & Equipment (External)

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The provision of safe and effective Plant and Equipment is of utmost importance to ARTC and as such all existing or prospective plant hire suppliers, contracted or casual, are required to comply with a number of fundamental Occupational Health & Safety requirements with respect to plant intended for use within the rail corridor, or at other ARTC locations.

All operational plant supplied for use at ARTC sites shall at a minimum:

Operational plant in use or intended for use at ARTC sites may be subject to on-site inspection by ARTC personnel (or its agents) in accordance with EPP-32-01 as detailed below. Defective items of plant may be stood down from operation or refused entry to site.

For further information please contact
- Registration and Interface Requirements contact Carolyne Southern on 08 8217 4318
- Internal ARTC Plant Greg Whelan on 02 4941 9623.

Number Title
EPP-32-01 Track Maintenance Vehicle Registration and Operation
EPP3201R-01 Track Maintenance Vehicle ICP Register - Appendix F
EPP-32-02 Plant Maintenance Procedures
EPP-32-03 General Plant Requirements
PP-139.2 Maintenance Policy - Rail Guidance Systems
WOS01.700 Track Maintenance Vehicle Specific Interface Requirements
EPP-00-01 Drone Management
EPP3201F-01 Application Pack for Registration of Rail Bound Track Maintenance Vehicles
EPP3201F-02 Application Pack for Registration of Road/Rail Vehicles
EPP3201F-03 Application Pack for Registration of TMV – Trailers, Trolleys and Support Frames
EPP3201F-04 Assessment of Track Maintenance Vehicle Independent Competent Person
EPP3202F-05 On-site Plant Inspection Report
EPP3202F-07 Contracted Plant Delivery Report
PP139.2F-03 Road Rail Vehicle Twist Compliance Inspection
EPP0001F-01 Drone Flight Log
EPP0001F-02 Drone Flight Checklist

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