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This page contains Forms which are associated with documents available under Procedures.

The State in which the document is applicable is shown in the Applicability table.

Note, documents marked with NSW applicability also apply to QLD by default.

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Number Title Last Updated Version
Document Type
Relevant Procedure or Work Instruction Applicability
(under current document structure)
SA (S) WA (W) VIC (V) NSW (N) QLD (Q)
WOS01.A1 Vehicle Information Pack for Locomotives 07 Dec 05 1.0 NSW Std WOS01.300       N Q
WOS01.A3 Vehicle Information Pack for Locomotive Hauled Passenger Vehicles 07 Dec 05 1.0 NSW Std WOS01.500       N Q
WOS01.A4 Vehicle Information Pack for Multiple Unit Trains 07 Dec 05 1.0 NSW Std WOS01.600       N Q
WOS01A.2 Vehicle Information Pack for Freight Vehicles 07 Dec 05 1.0 NSW Std WOS01.400       N Q