Asset Management

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The documents that are published in this section relate to Asset Management, Asset Management Systems & Asset Strategy.

Number Title
AMT-PR-010 Enterprise Asset Management System
EGP-03-02 Equipment & MST Register - Updating and Maintenance
Work Instruction
AMT-WI-001 Corridor Access Management
AMT-WI-018 Asset List Work Instruction
AMT-WI-020 Data Classification - Universal
AMT-WI-021 Data Classification - Structures
AMT-WI-022 Data Classification - Signal Systems
AMT-WI-023 Data Classification - Track Civil
AMT-WI-033 Track and Civil Nameplates
AMT-WI-036 ARTC Curvature Master Work Instruction
AMT-GL-003 ARTC Track Configuration Datasets - Track Data
AMT-FM-004 Inspection Defects Found Report Form PDF / Excel / Word
AMT-FM-006 TrackData Template - Ballast
AMT-FM-007 TrackData Template - Rail
AMT-FM-009 ARTC Curvature Master
AMT-FM-011 Infringement Register Record Form Projects
AMT-FM-012 Clearance Infringement Register Record Form - Maintenance
EGP0302F-01 Change Authorisation Form